Suburb Profile Fitzroy

When conversations turn to Fitzroy, it generates excitement among Melburnians, who have nothing but admiration for this lively neighbourhood. Renowned as the mecca of trendiness, Fitzroy has established itself as one of Australia’s most fashionable destinations. Artists are drawn to the area because it provides a sanctuary for creativity, with its one-of-a-kind establishments that cannot be found elsewhere in the country. The famous Gertrude Street alone boasts an impressive selection of traditional pubs, restaurants, boutiques, and galleries. When you stroll further you will come across captivating art studios, galleries, and stunning street art murals that grace the buildings.

Fitzroy thrives on a spirit of inclusivity making you feel welcomed and greeted with warm smiles from the friendly locals. It is easy to understand why the people here are so content—boredom is simply non-existent in Fitzroy. Exploring the neighbourhood on foot is highly recommended as it allows you to fully immerse yourself in its unique atmosphere and appreciate the sights and sounds that adorn every corner. Furthermore, everything you need is conveniently located within walking distance.

Adding to Fitzroy’s allure is its diverse architectural landscape. Buying a house in Fitzroy is an ideal choice. The suburb showcases a blend of houses, including apartments and residential homes that were once factories and warehouses. Alongside these, you will discover exquisite Victorian and Edwardian residences. The historic houses in Fitzroy reflect its early days as one of Melbourne’s original suburbs, dating all the way back to 1839.